Decentralized system to create complex methodics of human personality analysis powered by blockchain
Token sale is over now and we have to accept that ICO has failed to raise minimum amount.
We are officially announcing that we will return coins to everyone who has contributed to the project. To get coins returned please send address of your wallet and ref id from the e-mail you have used to register in your account to [email protected]
We'll keep working on the project and promise to be back next year, after further product development. We are now looking for the ways to change key milestones in roadmap in order to optimise our efforts. We will spend the coming year to reevaluate our economy model, conduct more market research to come up with renewed version of Human Discovery Platform.
However, we can't, at this time, make any promises, but we will address it when we're in a better position.
Wishing all the best to you all. Thanks you for the support.
Timur Karimbaev, CEO of Human Discovery Platform
Please note, that the sole purpose of this Whitepaper is to present Human Discovery Platform and the HD Tokens to the potential holders in connection with proposed Token Sale. Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained in this Whitepaper constitute forward-looking statements and information, which shall not be construed as a guarantee, warranty or representation of any kind. Nothing in this Whitepaper implies any elements of offer to enter into contractual, partnership, joint venture or agency relationship with the author of this Whitepaper or companies and individuals mentioned therein, or shall not be considered as advice, consultation or recommendation. On a separate note, we reserve our right to refuse to distribute HD Tokens to persons that fail to comply with our KYC procedure and/or are persons restricted to hold the HD Tokens, in each case at our reasonable discretion.
We are entering OpenLedger by December – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading DEX Exchange with daily volume over $8,4 mln
Our company
GetCourse LLC
Our company has been operating since 2013. We have 60 employees and are headquartered in Moscow.

The revenue for 2017 is $6,000,000, and average annual growth (CAGR) is 193%.

The main product we offer is GetCourse, a platform for launching and monetization of online courses. We launch successful projects regularly, for example, the largest online painting school in Russia.
What is Human Discovery Platform
It is the distributed storage of depersonalized data about human identities.
It is a blockchain platform that allows experts to arrange testing and researching, as well as collect data and monetize their knowledge about human personality. Each author can upload their method of human personality analysis into blocks, which will gather and process mindset, feelings, and behavior templates. Using this knowledge, experts can develop their own methods and entrepreneurs can launch innovative products.

This platform will be useful for:

  • Create integrated methods and research human personalities
  • Provide detailed and verified recommendations based on the results of research studied

  • Arrange cross-border studies of user preferences
  • Test and verify various hypotheses on large samples of the platform's users
Data Scientist

  • Use accumulated data sets of user behavior to develop new machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • Test and apply new approaches to data analysis, based on large data sets

  • Monetize innovative products through the implementation of various programs, applications, and services based on the platform's methods
  • Upgrade recommendation systems using data sets of users' behavior that have been accumulated on the platform
Types of Users
Authors of methods
Get a set of ready-made tools that allow them to bring their methods into the implementation stage regardless of the complexity.
Get ready-to-use commercial instruments to launch and monetize products.
Owners of node
Get access to the range list of buyers of their technological resources for deploying the node, thereby ensuring the distribution and stability of the system.
Have the opportunity to sponsor the development of certain Author's projects with the purpose of future mutual benefits.
Get access to the range of new b2b customers to provide them with services in translation, IT- development, etc.
Get a whole range of available tools that can improve the quality of their life.
How does it work?
Why should you participate and purchase Human Discovery Platform tokens?
We develop successful business with huge growth potential and have already formed a consumer market. Our technology is already tested and has a working HD.Dating site prototype, where people can find each other using the Human Discovery Platform methods. We have an experienced team that has worked on many large successful projects, including our own business, which grew to a revenue of $6 million in 3 years. Tokens are the only exchange instrument within the system, there will be released a limited amount with no further mining. Within the growth of system usage, tokens will be needed for the services in the ecosystem. And their deficit will grow.
The demand for knowledge in human behavior is growing. The self-improvement industry in the US alone is estimated to be $11bln with annual growth of 5.5%. Digitalization and personalization are the main trends in the industry.
We will be the only platform to digitalize methods of human analysis by creating ecosystem for authors of methods – psychologists, coaches and scientists – and their sponsors and entrepreneurs.
Powered by blockchain, our platform will accumulate data about human personality and behavior in a transparent, impersonal, and available for verification format. Increase in data value globally will boost the demand for Human Discovery Platform products.
Each stage of the Road Map will attract thousands of participants, both developers and customers. Each new user will increase the liquidity of tokens, each new project based on the HDP will attract new members wavy, and every new member will increase the demand for the tokens within the system.
Our business is transparent, we are an existing successful company that has passed all stages of its development, and we consider ourselves to be professionals in IT.
Human Discovery Platform is easy to scale and it will become a serious player in the market. It's opportunities are not limited to the self-improvement industry only, we believe it will generate a range of instruments for HR professionals, Market researchers, Sociologists, and others.
Proof of Concept Product
For confirmation of the technical and economic model of Human Discovery Platform in practice, Project Team has developed and launched —

With the help of Human Design, the idea behind the Platform was tested in the Russian market through, a dating service based on Human Design methodics. The dynamics of noticeable interest growth were observed.

For the first month of work, more than 15k registered users signed up, 5k of which are active users (visit at least once per week).
Check out Human Design API at
Peter Schoeber, renowned Methodologist in Human Design
"Imagine if all Human Design analysts had put their data in such a database, and then make it accessible to anyone who is ready investigate this data we would have a quantum leap of understanding in pattern recognition which would help us… to get better understanding of human being in general."
Product Road Map and Key Milestones

The idea developed of a platform for coaches and teachers
December 2013
Sale and carrying out online training start of work over; Start selling our courses on manicures at GetCourse. launch
May 2014
Generally accessible GetCourse launch, only carrying out of training sessions is accessible. First teachers start registering on the Platform.

Issue of own mailout system CRM for teachers
January 2015
Work over own schools. Break-even point is reached

Merge with Veronika Kalacheva painting school
June 2015
Сurrently the largest online painting school in Russia

The Platform active promotion start. Issue of automation processes and Landing Page management
January 2016
Opening of partner projects: SilaVoli (Will Power) (Pavel Volya + Lyaisan Utyasheva),

Development of the service and own schools
January 2017
Issue of own traffic analytics system and conversions

Start working on — dating service based on Human Design
May 2017
The idea of development of Russian-language dating site based on Human Design method, testing the idea on Russian market; ICO preparation start

Launch of HD.Dating
August 2017
Within the first 4 weeks of launch, 15k users registered on the network
We are here now
Token Sale
November 2017
$500 000
$500 000
HDPlatform MVP-level
June 2018
  • HDBlock - the mechanism for describing the requested blocks and the authors' payment model. Blocks are described only visually, at the level of block diagrams and formulas for working with data tables similar to Excel
  • Method-blocks and their data are loaded into centralized storage through open interfaces
  • HDAuthorTools - OpenSource visual tools for creating blocks by authors
  • API for requested blocks
$1 500 000
$1 500 000
MVP Embed
Oct 2018
  • Launch and embedding end-point applications for external services At this stage, we need as many real implementations as possible, so that there is an external demand for tokens
  • - a platform for rapid visual creation of their methods by authors without raising their own servers - attracting large authors with the introduction of their "turnkey" techniques on partner terms
  • HDBusiness SDK - Billing service with the account of the businessman, allowing quickly to embed use of a methodics to itself on the site accepting fiat and allowing to spend HD-tokens
  • Implementing the service in real businesses to monetize their traffic in order to trigger the growth mechanism of demand for HD-tokens
$5 000 000
$5 000 000
Dec 2018
  • HDBlocks and mutual settlements are stored in the decentralized Proof of Stake network
  • The method-blocks are stored in a bytecode analog
  • HDBlocks running core: HDBlockByteCode non-turing-complete language, based on the Finit State Machine and an analogue of excel-formulas for calculating the costs for executing the methodic and receiving of payments
  • When loading methods, authors spend HD-tokens for uploading their blocks to the network in proportion to the volume occupied
$10 000 000
$10 000 000
Jun 2019
  • HDCrowdFunding - a platform for authors and entrepreneurs who can expose their idea for seeking sponsors and subsequent income distribution
  • HDFundContract - a mechanism for creating simple contracts for the distribution of income between sponsors
  • HDMobile API SDK for iOS & Android
  • HDVisualize SDK - tools for entrepreneurs, allowing you to quickly create end products based on HDPlatform
$15 000 000
$15 000 000
Feb 2020
  • HDStat Core - the author's ability to include saving the results of block requests to the blockchainnetwork to create statistically validated methods.
  • HD-Stat Database - authors spend HD-tokens on space costs, occupied by their results
  • HDDataScience panels - authors, entrepreneurs and researchers can create research panels for providing data in which they can encourage users tokens
$30 000 000
$30 000 000
HDPlatform BigData Analyze framework
Sep 2020
  • HDData SDK - drivers for Python to take data from HDStat blockchain database
  • Predefined models to analyzed common-used data-science cases
  • HDStatVisual - tools for visualize data and search from HDStat database, based jupiter notebooks
Terms of Human Discovery Platform CrowdSale
$ 30 000 000

Hard Cap
$ 500 000

Minimum Cap
00:00 Pacific Time
November 22, 2017
Token Sale Start
00:00 Pacific Time
December 7, 2017
Token Sale Finish
Token name
100 000 000
Number of Issued Tokens
HD-Token Price
Preliminary price of each HD token is $0,375. Upon ICO completion the $ equivalent of each token will be finalized by way of division of $ equivalent of funds raised to 80 000 000.
Bonus Rates
Those who took part in Token Sale during first 24 hours after start will be awarded with bonus in the amount of 20% of purchased tokens.
Within 48 hours after the start, the premium bonus will be 10%. The next week - 5% bonus. No any bonuses are planned further.
Value protection
A reserve of 5% of all raised funds will be made to support the price level from the fall after Token Sale completion. The reserve is valid for 24 months as of the moment tokens are distributed.
HD-Token Platform
Distribution of Tokens
ICO — 80%
Project Team — 10%
Advisors — 4 %
Bounty campaign — 3 %
Marketing — 3 %

Timur Karimbaev
Cofounder of GetCourse. IT-expert with 15 years of experience in complex systems development. Deals with the Platform architecture and manages programmers. For the last 4 years, he has been responsible for GetCourse system development. He developed and implemented a complex system of courses and training session promotions that allows trainers to manage training process and sales via their personal account on the platform. They manage the database of users, promote it inside the ecosystem, keep the books and more. Timur aspires to provide the possible biggest number of entrepreneurs and teachers with access to convenient tools and develop effective development system based on blockchain motivation.
Marat Nigametzianov
Business developer
Born in Kazan in 1980, where he graduated from Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies of Kazan State University. 2005 - 2006 worked as a Designer at 'Art Lebedev Studio' (studio created visual design for, and then as a Designer in Megaplan, CRM-company in Russia. Since 2014, has been developing GetCourse (Forbes Russia made a story about the company), the service of online courses sale and purchase, as a cofounder. Nowadays, more than 200,000 users and 800 trainers use GetCourse. For the last 5 years - methodologist of educational online programs. He brings years of his experience and expertise in complex IT-services and entrepreneurship to Human Discovery platform.
Sergey Mikhailov
Sergey has over 10 years of experience in IT-systems development. Since 2007 - cofounder of Megaplan, Russian CRM-systems supplier with revenue of $3MM. Has 5 years of experience in IT-products promotion and sales. Operations Director (Managing Partner) in GetCourse since 2015. PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Responsible for operations management and work with key clients/partners.
Egor Savin
Project Manager
Egor has extensive experience in team management and corporate training in IT. As the Head of the Department of Quality in CIAN.RU - the largest Russian online-service on real estate search and selection, - he built a team of 40 Managers from the zero. Gathered a team of Managers, developed and introduced business-processes in the Department of more than 40 people. Together with the team of data-science analysts he developed self-learning software for analysis of millions of online-ads on real estate and identification of invalid data. Egor is responsible for internal business-processes and tools design, arrangement of development process, training.
Anna Sergeeva
Product Manager
In 2009 graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM). Anna has over 6 years of experience in successful sales in e-commerce. She is responsible for strategic development: market research and understanding of customer needs, and annual budget planning.
Anastasia Lunina
Head of Helpdesk
Anastasia was dealing with support of billing sub-system for over 3 years in MegaFon, the largest Russian telecom-operator. She has a broad experience in management of helpdesk for internal clients in the IT-industry. Manages cooperation with key clients of GetCourse Platform.
Yulia Kolomiets
Yulia was born in Moscow. She started her career as journalist after graduation from Lomonosov Moscow State University. After that she moved to big business and found herself as a person dealing with ERP-systems, sales and logistics all-in-one. She worked for multinational companies such as Levi Strauss & Co (Levi's), Thermo Fisher, 1C, etc. Since 2015 she has been a member GetCourse team. She is dealing with sales, clients projects' launches and users' development.
She combines job with private consulting in methods of human discovery, like astrology, human design, tarot and socionics (or Myers-Briggs typology).
She has been learning these systems for 5 years. In Human Discovery Platform she will be responsible for online consultations and answering questions about new service.
Sergey Gutnikov
Senior Programmer
Engineer-pharmtechnologist, psychologist in "Psychology of Health" sphere. Sergey is certified alumni of the program for Holotropic Breathing (Grof Transpersonal Training). Yoga teacher.


Help desk personal

Sales managers

Methodic authors and translators
Mikhail Smolyanov
Founder of Finolog company, exCEO Megaplan, CEO Unisender, Lecturer at Synergy and Skolkovo Business School
Alexandr Krasheninnikov
Head of Data Team at Badoo
Tomoaki Sato
Founder at Starbase, blockchain developer
Aman Samra
Blockchain enthusiast and CEO Espresso Claims Ltd
Jochen Heussner
Аn international speaker and expert on Fintech, Regtech and Blockchain, founder at Planet Compliance
Desmond Marshall
Top Investor: ICO/Crypto/IPO projects; advisory & full process/repackaging/listing services; MD Rouge Venture
Albertus (AJ) Smith
Serial Tech Investor and Entrepreneur
Publications in Mass Media
Terminology of Human Discovery
Who is an Author of a Methodic?
An Author is a psychologist, coach, astrologist, scientist, career consultant, a consultant for health and other areas that can be referred to Human Science, who has studies on the interpretation of a person's characteristics in the form of a methodic. Examples of methodics are any tests, from MBTI or any psycho-type test. An Author gets access to the service of data interpretation for methodics based on a block that is a mathematical algorithm. It will allow forming templates, questionnaires, and visualize results, and at the end, it creates API of methodics on the basis of which an Entrepreneur of IT-developer can create a product.
What is a methodic?
A technique developed by psychologists, coaches or scientists that is similar to the test format, that allows typologizing one or another sector of a person's life by his/her personal data and formulate recommendations. Every Author can install a methodic into the system, having created a block for it.
What is the block and how does it work?
A block is a list of records in a distributed database that will receive information about a person according to the requirements of a methodic, process it and deliver recommendations in a structured view. Complex methodics are created via combining blocks of various Authors. Blocks are similar to smart-contracts and are uploaded by Authors to the blockchain-network and are executed on decentralized nodes, which are rewarded for performing data analysis.
What is the role of decentralization in the project?
Decentralization is an architecture built on independent nodes installed on distributed servers that store methodics or smart-contracts. Decentralization ensures independence from any decision-making center. Pros for Authors of methodics is that their work on collecting data and its interpretations that sometimes lasts for years will not be lost due to the fact that some service is closed. An Author can be sure that methodic will not be used otherwise than described in the contract, and that the platform will not increase bills for use to the extent that it becomes unprofitable. Advantages for Human Science are that thanks to decentralized architecture, it will become possible to collect large scopes of data about human behavior but without binding to some service that can go bankrupt or close at any level.
What is an Entrepreneur's role in the system?
An Entrepreneur is a person who creates a digital product on the basis of a methodics - for example, site, application, and social network.
Who is a Backer?
A person who is willing to sponsor the Development of a methodic of the certain Author with the purposes of future mutual benefits.
Who is a Consumer?
A user of the platform products. A Consumer receives a certain number of HD-tokens at registration and subsequently pays with them for the platform services. To execute a request for analysis of input data he spends HD-tokens that are later distributed between Authors of used blocks and the nodes based on which the analysis code is executed.
Who is an Executor?
A person that performs certain types of work: translation of a methodic into other languages, provision of IT-functionality, etc., and who receives payment for this in HD-tokens.
Who is an Owner of a Node?
A person who provides his/her technological resources for deploying a node, thereby ensuring distribution and stability of the system and who receives compensation for this in HD-tokens.
A product and a market
Describe Human Discovery Platform concept
HDP is a decentralized system for creation of complex methodics of a human personality analysis powered by blockchain that will give an impulse to the industry of personalized digital products in self-improvement and related industries. We create a synergistic environment where the best methodics from coaches, psychologists, and other Authors will be collected and digitized, and tools will be created for launching products based on them. An Author can install a methodic into a system, having created a block for it. Using several Authors' blocks, one can create methodics of any complexity. For example, an Author can translate his/her methodic into another language by placing a translation block in front of a block of his/her methodic. Blockchain not only offers possibilities of mutual use of methodics but also solves the problem of trust: data obtained as a result of analysis will be stored independently, so it will be much more difficult to manipulate results of studies.
What problem do you solve?
We create a transparent environment for creating high-quality digital products on the basis of proven methodics for a personality analysis that is currently delayed due to a number of problems. A problem of Authors of methodics is that methodics are disorganized, often poorly described, and precious data that they collect are usually lost. This complicates their improvement and results in distrust by the public. For example, the risk of encountering fraud is the main problem of self-improvement industry. In mass-media, one can meet accusations of representatives of the sector in a non-scientific approach. Human Discovery Platform solves this problem: the system will unite Authors of methodics and create a civilized environment that will allow proving and verification a methodic. Each use of a method-block will create a record in blockchain-network about incoming and outgoing data without connection with a user's personal data. Thus, the results of the analysis will become transparent, impersonal and available for verification.

Human Discovery Platform will facilitate the interaction of Authors of methodics and their sponsors as well as Entrepreneurs. Currently, to order a methodic from an Author, for example, to create an application, an Entrepreneur needs to undergo a number of bureaucratic procedures and pay taxes, and due to that, the cost of a methodic grows many-fold. A person who wants to sponsor an Author of a methodic also needs to go through bureaucratic procedures, and in case he/she and an Author are in different countries, their cooperation becomes not promising at all. At Human Discovery Platform, an Author of a methodic can create a contract for a sponsor (Backer) according to which part of received tokens from the used block will be transferred to him. An Entrepreneur will get access to ready-to-use API of methodics and expert community of trainers, coaches and other Authors of methodics that have practical experience and understanding of an audience's needs that will facilitate the launch of a product in the market.
In your opinion, how popular will your project be?
There are two big global trends based on which we assess prospects of the project as high.

Firstly, the main trend in self-improvement industry that grows by 6% per year in the US and makes $11bln is a reorientation to digital services and mobile applications. Integration of methodics for analysis of personal characteristics into services is a main challenge because it allows formulating personalized recommendations based on data collected about a user. And we make up for the existing gap between Authors of methodics and founders of applications that now do not have access to a large selection of such studies. The demand for personalized products will only grow: thus, for example, for 94% of millennials, self-improvement is a value (according to audit company Field Agent research). They also spend twice more money on self-improvement than baby-boomers.

Secondly, the value of data grows, as well as value of personalized and adaptive methodics of their development. Thanks to blockchain, the platform will accumulate a large scope of data about the personality of a person in a transparent, impersonal, and acceptable for verification format. And blocks will allow compiling complex systems of their analysis for any tasks.
How do you protect privacy of personal data?
An Author of a methodic decides whether data will be open or closed and will notify users about it. For example, to test a methodiс, he/she can create a free test and reward Consumers with HD-tokens in exchange for data. If an Author makes data open - he/she creates a statistically verifiable methodic. Data about users who do not want to share personal information will be stored in an impersonal format and used to check statistical issues.
Tell us about the team
Human Discovery Platform founders are Russian entrepreneurs that had proven themselves in the Russian market as creators of innovative IT-solutions. Their project GetCourse is one of the largest online-learning educational services in Russia. Within the framework of the Platform, more than 1000 trainers teach, and over 200k people study. CEO - Timur Karimbaev, IT-expert with 15 years of experience in complex systems development, developed and implemented a complex system of courses and training sessions in GetCourse that allows teachers to align training process and sales based on the Platform, manage database of users, promote it inside the ecosystem, keep the books and manage the product. Business Development Director - Marat Nigametzianov was born in Kazan in 1980, where he graduated from physico-mathematical school and Kazan State University. In 2005 – 2006, he worked as a Designer at 'Art Lebedev Studio' (Studio is the creator of design) and then as a designer in Megaplan company, the largest supplier of CRM-solutions in Russia. For the last 5 years - methodologist of educational online programs. Sergey Mikhailov, COO, has more than 10 years of experience in IT-systems development. Since 2007 - cofounder of Megaplan, Russian CRM-systems supplier with turnover of $3MM. Operations Director (Managing Partner) in GetCourse since 2015.
Business model
What is your business model?
Consumers receive reward in the form of HD-tokens for providing data at registration. This will ensure the traffic of Consumers to the Platform that creates the ground for methodics and Products development. A Consumer will be able to either sell received tokens on the market or use them to pay for the use of the Platform Products. So we will provide Authors and Entrepreneurs with a client base. To prevent abuse with the amount of information provided by the Consumer, dynamic pricing will be introduced, taking into account the following parameters: a need for this particular information on the part of Authors of methodics, volume of data already transferred by a Consumer and compensation received by him/her for that, etc. For rapid distribution of Products on the market, we assume that its end users will be able to pay for them not only in Platform tokens but also in fiat currency.

Authors of methodics will receive HD-tokens for the execution of request for data processing by customers - they can be both Consumers and Entrepreneurs who decide to create a site or social network on the basis of a methodic. An Author of a methodic will also be able to create a contract for a Backer who wants to sponsor him, according to which a part of received HD-tokens from a used block will be transferred to a backer. Owners of Nodes will also receive HD-tokens for provision their resources to ensure the sustainability and availability of the system. So will the Executors - for carrying out various activities for the ecosystem participants. All economic conditions for cooperation between Authors, Backers and Entrepreneurs will be fixed in a smart-contract. On their basis and the volume of analysis request to the methodics, the smart-contract will distribute the HD-token received for use. Thanks to the Entrepreneur's deposit in HD-tokens with a minimum level, HD-tokens will be distributed among all interested parties via smart-contract. The presence of such a security deposit will give the Entrepreneur unlimited access to the methodics, and for the remaining participants of the platform provides safety and transparency of all transactions.

Due to the demand for HD-tokens, its cost will increase, but the price for processing the data request will be fixed in accordance with the fiat currency.
How much will it cost for a Consumer to make a full analysis of his personality according to all methodics?
The cost of getting through a methodic can be different, the number of methodics can grow. Everything depends on the scope and frequency of use. It can be one big test, or maybe a daily forecast. In addition, one product can have different access: basic is cheaper, premium is more expensive. An HD-token cost is a function of all these variables.
How will you attract Authors of methodics?
The same way we did when we were promoting GetCourse: We will go to famous people in various fields (psychology, astrology, human design) and invite them to create a final turnkey solution based on their methodic on partnership terms so that they do not need to immerse themselves in the mechanics of the process and that we can test all possible problems. This will be done prior to the decentralization of methodics storage at the MVP level. There we are going to make a centralized solution so that to test the exact mechanics of creating and localizing methodics and their mutual use. At this stage, we will need to address the implementation of methodics in real products, and we will partner with large websites (psychological sites, dating sites, horoscope sites, etc.) offering a simple implementation according to the type of referral program. After a number of leaders and implementations appear on the Platform, it will raise its recognition. We will involve services that implement methodics into final products, Authors of methodics who will see the possibility of earning, localizers. At this stage, we will make many tools for the monetization of methodics.
What is the role of blockchain technology in the project?
Blockchain stores data with results of analysis and scope of methodics at the same time. Every Author based on Human Discovery Platform can install a methodic into a system, having created a block for it. Big methodics are created by combining blocks: for example, if an author wants to translate his/her methodic, the Author can place a translation block in front of his/her methodic block. Blocks are like smart-contracts and are uploaded by Authors to the blockchain network and executed on decentralized nodes. Thanks to decentralization, the work of a methodic Author that sometimes lasts for years will not be lost due to the fact that a server may be closed. Blockchain not only offers possibilities for mutual use of methods but also solves the problem of trust: every use of a block creates a record in the blockchain system about incoming and outgoing data without connection with personal data so that analysis results will be transparent, impersonal and available for verification. It will be possible to accumulate the amount of knowledge about human behavior without being tied to any service.

Methodics on nodes will be stored in the form similar to the bytecode and will be protected from copying. It is assumed that to describe all methodics, no implementation of a Turing-complete programming language will be required. The analogue of Finit State Machine and language of work with tables will be implemented; a simplified analogue of what is available in Excel. Out of this, the majority of methodics can be constructed, and basic mechanisms will be fixed. It will allow building a model to calculate the cost of resources for storing a methodic, executing it and reward for those who compute nodes.
What do you have working already?
To test technical and economic models of Human Discovery Platform in practice, the Project Team has developed and launched - The basis for the service is the Human Design methodic, a self-discovery system that is being developed since the late 80s. The system includes the principles of quantum physics, genetics, astronomy and aspects of four esoteric systems: astrology, the Hindu system of chakras, the Kabbalah in Judaism and most of all the I Ching, the Chinese book of Changes. This combination of immense complexity is implemented in a simple interface: the user fills in a questionnaire, after which the system draws his personality map with recommendations about different spheres of life in the format of video lessons and offers friends according to compatibility. During the first month of work, the audience of the service was more than 15k users.
What is an HD-token?
Token of the Platform (HD-Token) is not an equity and does not give any rights to dividends or other Platform revenues. HD-Token is a software code with cryptographic elements sold exclusively as a product token of the Platform released on the basis of the Ethereum protocol. HD-tokens have functional usability only within the Platform framework, and their creation is conditioned by the need to develop the internal economy of the Human Discovery ecosystem that will ensure transparent and fair relations between the ecosystem participants. HD-Tokens are intended for use only for designated purposes. The number of opportunities for using HD-tokens may increase over time, including but not limited to adding new services and products available in exchange for HD-Tokens. HD-Tokens are designed for experts working with cryptographic tokens and software based on blockchain.
Why do you expect demand for HD-tokens?
HD-Token of the Platform is not an equity and it does not give any rights to dividends or other Platform revenues. With the Platform development and increase of number of its users, the market value of a token will grow due to the following reasons:
  • HD-Tokens are released one time and their amount is limited
  • All payments within the Platform are performed using HD-tokens
  • Authors and Entrepreneurs will purchase HD-tokens to launch methodics and Products on the Platform
  • Backers will purchase HD-tokens for mutual benefits in creating the methodics
  • End users will purchase HD-tokens to pay Products' cost and for discounts
How can Human Discovery tokens be purchased? (step-by-step guide)
  1. Register your account at
  2. You will be offered to create a private key to open your Web Wallet on the Waves blockchain. After that, you need to enter a phrase and click the 'create' button.
  3. Then send the money to your personal Web Wallet address.
  4. At the end of the sale of the tokens, you will need to enter the address of your Ethereum purse and check it. Within a month, you will receive tokens.
Do you limit your released tokens?
Yes, the number of HD-tokens will be set after distribution. 80% of all tokens will be sent to public buyers.
What kind of protection against drop in price do you offer?
A reserve of 5% of all raised funds will be made to maintain the price level after Token Sale completion. The reserve is valid for 24 months as of the moment tokens are distributed.
What is the way crowdsale will take place?
We target to raise $30 mln through crowdsale. Minimum cap is $500,000. 100,000,000 tokens will be issued, 80 000 000 of which will be distributed among participants through Toke Sale. Preliminary price of each HD token is $0,375. Upon ICO completion the $ equivalent of each token will be finalized by way of division of $ equivalent of funds raised to 80 000 000. Those participants who contribute within the first 24 hours will be awarded with 20% bonus in extra HD tokens in addition to allocated HD tokens. Those participants who contribute within next 48 hours will be awarded with 10% extra HD tokens . Those participants who contribute during next week after Token Sale will be awarded with 5% extra HD tokens. No other bonuses are planned any further. A reserve of 5% of all raised funds will be made to support the price level after Token Sale completion. The reserve is valid for 24 months as of the moment tokens are distributed.
Why should crowdsale participants trust you?
More than 1000 coaches and training centres work with GetCourse company. We have a good image in the industry. We are well-known entrepreneurs in Russia (local mass media writes about us, check Forbes Russia) - we are a real business that has provided services for more than 3 years, and there is name recognition. We have the reputation of a reliable and advanced provider of online education services. It's possible to communicate with us at international conferences. All information on the site is consistent with reality.
If I sent BTC to you, but Token Sale closed while they were on the way, what will happen to the BTC sent by me?
In this case, BTC is credited to the project wallet. After the actual Token Sale is completed, it will be returned to the sender's wallet in BTC at the current exchange rate without conversion. It means if 1 BTC is credited to the project wallet after Token Sale is finalized, 1 BTC will be sent to the sender's wallet without any binding to the exchange rate at the moment of sending BTC to the project wallet. In order to avoid such cases, we recommend setting a commission fee for the processing of the payment sufficient for prompt processing, taking into account the terms of Token Sale. A similar process will be with any other cryptocurrency.
What will be the maximum and minimum amount? Will there be bonuses, discounts?
The minimum amount is 500,000 USD. If the specified amount is not collected, we will refund all collected assets back to crowdsale participants' wallets.
When will there be payments on the bounty program?
Payments will be made within 30 days after Token Sale is closed.
How will you use the raised funds?
All funds will be used for the development of the Platform and its promotion. In June 2018, a centralized prototype of the system will be created, in which blockchain will be used only to calculate rewards to authors. Calculation methodics are placed on centralized servers. In December 2018, a decentralized model will be implemented in which the methodics will be stored and executed on nodes that will receive commission for processing requests. It will be possible to raise your node for any person who wants to earn tokens on this. In June 2019, we will commence saving results of the analysis used in blockchain. Saving results of calls will allow authors to make statistical confirmations of methodics and to accumulate datasets in the blockchain for further analysis. In September 2020, we will introduce BigData tools to analyze the results of methods. There will appear an open code to use the machine learning mechanisms in open data of methodics results stored in the blockchain. It will allow technical specialists to search for hidden relationships between the data of different methods to make hypotheses and to check them. There will also be a system for the calculation of value and weighting of methodics and separate blocks.

All funds will go to the development of the platform and its promotion. In June 2018, a centralized prototype of the system will be created in which the blocking unit will be used only to calculate the Authors' rewards. The calculation methods will be located on centralized servers. In December 2018, a decentralized model will be implemented in which the methodics will be stored and executed on nodes in a network built using the Proof of Stake algorithm. The method-blocks will be stored in the analogue bytecode. When uploading methodics into the blocks, Authors will spend HD-tokens in proportion to the amount occupied. In June 2019, HDCrowdFunding will be launched - a platform for Authors and Entrepreneurs who will be able to expose their idea to attract sponsors and subsequent distribution of income. In February 2020, HDStat Core will be launched - an opportunity for the Author to save the results of block analysis requests to the blockchain network to create statistically validated methodics. In September 2020, we will implement BigData tools to analyze the results of the methodics.
We are ready to offer special terms and conditions for the major participants. Please email at [email protected] to receive the detailed information about the project
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