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ICO begins 00:00 Pacific Time 15th of November, 2017
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Whitepaper (beta)
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Please note, that this WhitePaper represents a "work in progress" and is subject to further amendments, clarifications, assumptions and disclaimers prior to the launch of the sale of Tokens, as announced at Accordingly, please ensure that you read the final version of the WhitePaper at prior to participate in the Token sale.On a separate note, we reserve our right to refuse to sell Tokens to persons that fail to comply with our KYC procedure and/or are persons restricted to acquire the Tokens, in each case at our reasonable discretion.
Terms of Human Discovery Platform ICO
$ 30 000 000

Hard Cap
00:00 Pacific Time
15th of November, 2017
Token Sale Start
00:00 Pacific Time
1st of December, 2017
Token Sale Finish
Token name: HD Token
HD Token
Token name
100 000 000
Number of Issued Tokens
HD Token Price
350 tokens are equal to 1 ETH.
Bonus Rates
Those who took part in Token Sale during first 24 hours after start will be awarded with bonus in the amount of 25 % of purchased tokens. Within 48 hours after the start, the premium bonus will be 20 %. The next week — 10 % bonus. No any bonuses are planned further.
Price reduction protection
A reserve of 5 % of all raised funds will be made to support the price level from the fall after Token Sale completion. The reserve is valid for 24 months as of the moment tokens are distributed.
Our Mission
Our mission is to make such methods more accessible, better justified and qualitative, as well as applicable in various spheres of life.
Human Discovery Platform
HD platform is the environment to create, test and commercialize various methods and tools designed to improve the quality of a human life through defining his/her personal characteristics and providing recommendations for positive results.
Developers of methods
At basic and service levels receive a set of ready-made tools that allow them to bring their method without any essential financial costs, regardless of its complexity, to the implementation stage. Start testing and calibrating this method on the Platform Consumers and also to offer it to Entrepreneurs for further commercialization of the Product.
Enterpeneurs receive ready-to-run commercial methods based on which they launch various Products for the end user. Ready API methods developed at Service level can significantly speed up the time of Product launch in the market. Development and marketing tools available at Product level help to reduce an Entrepreneur's risks.
Consumer receives a whole range of available methods that can improve the quality of his/her life.
Proof of concept product —
For approbation of technical and economic model of Human Discovery Platform in practice, Project Team has developed and launched —

With the help of Human Design method the idea of the Platform was tested at Russian market through, dating service based on Human Design Techniques. The dynamics of noticeable interest growth was observed.

For the first month of work, the audience of the service made more than 15k registered users, 5k of which are active users (visit at least once per week).
Product Road Map and Key Milestones
December 2013
December 2013
The idea of the Platform for coaches and teachers
Sale and carrying out online training Start of work over Start selling our courses in manicure at GetCourse
May 2014
May 2014 launch
Generally accessible GetCourse launch, only carrying out of training sessions is accessible. First teachers start register at the Platform
January 2015
January 2015
Issue of own mailout system CRM for teachers
Work over own schools. Break-even point is reached
June 2015
June 2015
Merge with Veronika Kalacheva painting school
Сurrently the largest online painting school in Russia
January 2016
January 2016
The Platform active promotion start. Issue of automation processes and Landing Page management
Opening of partner projects: SilaVoli (Will Power) (Pavel Volya + Lyaisan Utyasheva),
January 2017
January 2017
Development of the service and own schools
Issue of own traffic analytics system and conversions
May 2017
May 2017
Start working over — dating service on the basis of Human Design
The idea of development of Russian-language dating site based on Human Design method, testing the idea at Russian marketICO preparation start
August 2017
August 2017
Launch of HD.Dating
For the first 4 weeks of work 8k users registered in the network
We are here now
November 2017
November 2017
ICO. Tokens Sale
December 2017
December 2017
Start accepting tokens in HD.Dating
The start of work over three levels of the Platform: Basic, Service, Product. Product level localization start
April 2018
April 2018
Minimum Valuable Product Launch of basic and service levels
Basic level: API for financial calculations and data storage in the single Platform. System of initial data acquisition about use of services and applications.Service level: Human Design method, internal tool for methods description
May 2018
May 2018
Service level: generally accessible tool for methods development. Opening of the tool for methods development with documentation and support service
Opening of API service level with payment with tokens for API use. Here the users can start developing their own methods.
June 2018
June 2018
The product level MVP
A possibility for entrepreneurs to develop own products based on methods, getting payments and development of Landing Page with forms
August 2018
August 2018
The Product level Widgets
A possibility for entrepreneurs to create own widgets to connect on third-party sites with payment
Distribution of Tokens
ICO — 80%
Project Team — 10%
Advisors — 4 %
Bounty campaign — 3 %
Marketing — 3 %

Marat Nigametzianov
Born in Kazan in 1980, where he graduated from physico-mathematical school and VMK faculty (Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies) of Kazan State University. 2005 - 2006 worked as a Designer at 'Art Lebedev Studio' (Studio is the developer of design), and then as a Developer in Megaplan company, the largest supplier of CRM-solutions in Russia. Cofounder of GetCourse. Starting 2014 develops
Timur Karimbaev
Cofounder of GetCourse. IT-expert with 15 years of experience in complex systems development. Deals with the Platform architecture and manages programmers. The last 4 years he is responsible for GetCourse system development. The GetCourse Team developed and implemented a complex system of courses and training session promotions that allows teachers to align training process and sales based on the Platform. They manage the database of users, promote it inside the ecosystem, keep the books and more. Timur aspires to provide the possible biggest number of entrepreneurs and teachers with access to convenient tools and develop effective development system based on blockchain motivation.
Sergey Mikhailov
Sergey has more than 10 years of experience in IT-systems development. Since 2007 - cofounder of Megaplan, Russian CRM-systems supplier with turnover of $3MM. Has 5 years of experience in IT-products promotion and sales. Operations Director (Managing Partner) in GetCourse since 2015. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Responsible for operations management and work with key clients/partners.
Dmitiry Ostanin
Chief Marketing Officer
Graduated from St Petersburg ITMO University (IT Technologies, Mechanics and Optics), then for a few years worked as a Developer in Megaplan company and the largest Russian dating site 'Mamba'. Together with Marat and Timur he founded GetCourse Platform and since 2015 he does operations management and development of the educational project 'Kalacheva School' (the largest painting school in the Russian Federation) is a part of GetCourse companies group, in 2016 the turnover was $2MM). Manages marketing and sales of the GetCourse group of projects.
Egor Savin
Project Manager
Had been managing Department of Quality in - the largest Russian online-service on real estate search and selection. Gathered a team of Managers, developed and introduced business-processes in the Department of more than 40 people. Together with the team of data-science analysts they developed and implemented automatically taught system for analysis of millions of advertisements on real estate and identification of invalid data. Egor is responsible for internal business-processes and tools design, arrangement of development process, training.
Anna Sergeeva
Product Manager
In 2009 graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM). Has over 6 years of experience in successful sales in e-commerce. Launched new directions in e-commerce and retail. Is responsible for strategic development of the category: determination of perspective ways for development; evaluation of their attraction for customers; is responsible for annual budget planning.
Anastasia Lunina
Head of Helpdesk
In 2007 graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Technical University. Over 3 years was dealing with support of billing sub-system PAO MegaFon. Has a broad experience in management of helpdesk for internal clients in the IT-industry. Manages cooperation with key clients of GetCourse Platform.
Publications in Mass Media
"GetCourse found their niche market, producing sort of "lifestyle-courses". This attitude allows company to make money today"
Article on RBC
"Over the last 4 years, I've experienced significant transformation. Before, I earned 250,000 RUR monthly ($51600 per year). And I didn't know how to make more. Nowadays, when I am cofounder of a business, I have another problem: I do not know how to make more than 35,000,000 RUR monthly ($7,2 Mln per year). I've gone through transformational change of thinking for numerous times. That is what personal growth means to me."
Article on Forbes
We are looking for Advisers
We propose to you to join the project team to become an Adviser to this project. Your experience and expertise will be invaluable for us and will allow us to improve our project.

On our part we can promise that participation in the project for you:

  • will allow to increase your PR gravitas as an expert;
  • will allow to get experience of participation in an innovation stage of project development and ICO launch;
  • will ensure the possibility to earn through participation in percent revenue of ICO collection.
Your participation in the project as an Adviser will be paid by tokens issued in ICO framework with maximum market capitalization. To discuss details of participation in the project we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail [email protected]
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