Based on astrology and quantum physics
About experiment

Recently we made an experiment on the basis of platform technology, using astrological quantum physics prediction methods for bitcoin price forecast which raised hot discussion on Our forecast was criticized for being unscientific and irrational. To see if the astrological forecast could be true, we checked astrological characteristics the Bitcoin price over the last three years and its' actual price trends with machine learning. We found that in general, predictions by astrologer and those by the machine learning model were not very different (check the blog for details).

Cryptocoins Forecast Demo

We are announcing forecast of top-10 capitalized cryptocurrencies according to Again, the main starting point is the technique of solar returns, allowing to show the dynamics of the subject during the year based on any date of the certain event. Solar returns are annual cycles that are being activated in approximately 88 days prior to the day of the event.

To further validate the model, we need more data, so we will take the same data for the top 10 coins with the highest market capitalization and test this model in their prices. The more data we have, the more accurate the model will be, and the more confidently we can say, if it works or not.

Check out our price forecast below!
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